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Rental Information

We are ONLY taking rentals for weekly, monthly, or quarterly groups
and a limited number of non-profit group single or multiple events.
Please call 303-722-2257 (Rob)

Rose Hill Grange Area Map | Schedule

The Rose Hill Grange has two levels each with unique qualities.
Restrooms are on a middle level.
Click on the pictures to see other views of the hall.
Upper Level:
  • 2,000+ sq. ft ballroom
  • Newly finished Wood Dance Floor
  • Air Conditioning & Circulation Fans
  • Large Performance Stage
  • Ticket Booth
  • Coat Room
  • No Food or Drinks are allowed in the upper level

    Rose Hill Grange Ballroom
    Rose Hill Grange Multipurpose Room Lower Level:
  • 2,000+ sq. ft multi-purpose room
  • Carpeted
  • Kitchen complete with: 2 Stove/Ovens, Microwave, Refrigerator, 3 Sinks, ample storage & preparation areas

  • Rose Hill Grange Kitchen

    Rental Rates

    We are ONLY taking rentals for weekly or monthly groups
    and a limited number of non-profit group single or multiple events.
    Please call 303-722-2257 (Rob) for pricing information.

    Upper or/and Lower Level:
    • All rentals are at the discretion of the RHG board or representative
    • Price includes setup & cleanup time
    • Upper Level: No food or drink is allowed , 2,000+ sq. ft. wood floor, large stage
    • Lower Level: cost includes use of carpeted multi-purpose room & kitchen
    • Furniture available: ~150 chairs, 22 4x8 tables, 10 4x4 card tables, ~10 other tables & pedestals of various sizes

    Non-profit groups and active Rose Hill Grange Members may take advantage of discounted rental rates
    for regularly scheduled events. Call for details: 303-722-2257 (Rob).

    Rose Hill Grange is an ALCOHOL, DRUG, & TOBACCO FREE facility. Please read statement #4 in the rental agreement

    • All Renters shall leave the hall in a clean reusable condition, or forfeit their security deposit.
    • Please take your trash with you as the Grange does not have trash pickup.
    • Rose Hill Grange does not have a paid housekeeping staff.
    • Deposit is due at the time of contract signing to reserve the space.

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